We all need a bit of calm - but we don't always know how to find it.

Especially when we're growing up.

Take-Pause helps teens improve focus and resilience by making mindfulness accessible and engaging using virtual reality.

We are building a clinically-tested toolkit to help reduce teen stress.

The Take-Pause Beta

We are testing Take-Pause in hospitals and schools.

Initial results have been very promising.

At the Orange Regional Medical Center, nurses measured heart rate before and after the experience.

70% of the pediatric patients that tried it had a slower heart rate and also said they felt calmer.



Take-Pause assists in regulating emotions and improving impulse control.

We immerse and engage the mind to provide support.


Reducing; anxiety levels, aggressive behaviour and stress.

Improving; memory, anger management, confidence and calm.


We are designing experiences for daily practices and for specific moments. They will be built by doctors, teachers, and mindfulness experts AND then created by artists.

Science+Art+Mobility = A clinically validated visual feast that can work with all headsets.

Clinicians and Educators
+ Mindfulness Experts
+ Artists and Musicians
+ VR animators and developers
= Mindful experiences to help teens = Take-Pause



Want to try the beta? Please get in touch!


Dumeetha Luthra

Founder & CEO (more…)

Dr. Tamara Russell

Clinical Psychologist, (more…)

Prof. N-Kaufmann

Neuroscientist (more…)

Akmyrat Tuyliyev

Visual Artist (more…)

Rubin Huang

Designer & Developer (more…)

Jennifer Monness

Mindfulness Teacher (more…)

Board of Advisors

Lucy Richards

Business Development (more…)

Karla Ballard Williams

Cultural Engineer (more…)

Graham Hill

Serial Entrepreneur (more…)

Craig Allen

Digital Strategist (more…)

Andy Lurling

VR Pioneer (more…)


                          VR+Mindfulness = Powerful tools to deliver focus and resilience.

We can then choose how to respond to a situation, not simply react, and that’s a Super Power.