Imagine a world where adolescents are taught emotional wellness tools alongside their regular lessons. Where they have the skills to choose how to respond to a situation. Take-Pause is developed for kids 13 and older to make mindfulness accessible and entertaining using cutting edge virtual reality. We help teach them breathing and calming techniques for BRAIN HEALTH.

Everyday, kids deal with challenges that may stress them out, such as navigating the classroom, the playground, dating, and social pressures. None of these are easy and kids face them with a minimal toolkit every day. Also, teens are inherently active, and persuading them to sit down and focus is difficult, and mindfulness teachers/classes aren’t always accessible or available where you are, and at a moment’s notice.
Take-Pause has set out to address that. Using virtual reality we bring mindfulness directly to the kids, and our VR animations are scientifically designed, artistically created, fully immersive experiences that help bring calm and focus.

With Virtual Reality
mindfulness we
bring support
directly to the kids.

We make it a treat not a chore!

  • High-end graphics, to appeal to kids accustomed to gaming animation.

  • Our team includes neuroscientists and mindfulness experts for a science backed experience teaching breathing and calming techniques.

  • We’re working with musicians and artists to build on the science, and create a world of quiet and wonder.

  • Ranging from 5 to 15 minutes in duration, they are carefully fitted for different ages groups.

  • Biometrics will record response. We will use this data as feedback for each subsequent experience.

  • The series is mobile, available on a smartphone, either through an app, or on an existing platform. Can be used on ALL headsets.

  • Build experiences around specific themes such as bullying, PTSD, anxiety or grief, or ahead of a medical procedure.

    Artists + Science + Mobility = A beautiful science backed mindful experience that can work with all headsets

VR + Mindfulness = Powerful tools to help deliver calm + focus


  • Math grades
  • Memory
  • Cognitive abilities
  • Attention
  • Impulse control


  • Aggression
  • Social anxiety
  • Stress levels


Dumeetha Luthra

Founder & Creative Director


Prof. Lucy Norcliffe-Kaufmann

Neuroscience NYU School of Medicine

Professor Norcliffe-Kaufmann is currently building a clinical research protocol to explore the beta with a group of children she works with and believes would benefit from the experience. She is also involved in creating the curriculum for the venture.

Dr. Tamara Russell

Dir, Mindfulness Centre of Excellence Author; “What is Mindfulness”

Dr. Tamara Russell unites her training as a clinical psychologist and her mindfulness expertise to build out our curriculum and help write the narrative for each specific experience.

Akmyrat Tuyliyev

Producer TiltBrush Artist, Film Maker

Akmyrat Tuyliyev is our artist-in-resident. His work is in watercolors, depth kit and in tilt-brush. It is his butterfly that adorns our deck and our experience.

Rubin Huang

Designer & Developer

Rubin Huang is our designer and developer. He is the person putting the experience into virtual reality and building it out on the platform.


Lucy Richards

Former MD of Smiling Mind. Over 18,000 educators use their programs in schools.

Ally Bogard

CEO, Founder & Teacher; Gaitri Yoga Leading yoga and meditation teacher.

Karla Ballard Williams

Participant Media,
Ogilvy & Maher

Graham Hill

Ted Speaker, Founder:, LifeEdited

Bastiaan den Braber

President, Co-Founder;

Andy Lurling

CEO, Founder; Lumo Labs Start-Up Incubator

Craig Allen

Digital Strategist, Creative Leader Founder of Studio that created Call of Duty EVP and GM of Jim Henson Interactive


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