Andy Luring

VR Pioneer

Andy Lurling is a serial entrepreneur and his most recent venture Pillow’s Willow is a VR game which has one multiple awards. Andy is known for founding iOpener Media GmbH. With iOpener Andy raised a series A financing round of USD 6 million from a German venture capital fund.In his role as CEO, Andy focused on the strategy, business development, and strategic partnerships, alongside the general management of the company. He was also responsible for investor relations. Mid 2011 Andy sold his shares of the company. Together with part of the former iOpener management team in 2012 he founded Over & Beyond B.V. where he advices and supports SMEs, in both the games as well as high-tech industries. Andy started his career as a management consultant and project manager at PwC.  Andy has  extensive experience in the telecom, media, IT (software & hardware), automotive as well as in the high-tech industry.