Reducing Anxiety and Developing Calm

Engaging Through Virtual Reality

Take-Pause is created to be used where high stress moments exist.

Anywhere where it is needed to improve focus and resilience.

Juliana Chen, Yale Student

“It’s much easier to focus through this than through an audio only program. My mind tends to wander off when I don’t have visual stimuli or the visual stimulus is not moving, but following the butterfly was much easier and better in terms of retaining my attention. I was better able to concentrate on the breathing and to relax much more.”

Our mission is to help teens harness the power of mindfulness through VR. Take-Pause assists in regulating emotions and improving impulse control. We use virtual reality to immerse and engage the mind. We work with clinicians and artists to create a wellness tool that unlocks potential and creates wonder.

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Dumeetha Luthra

Founder & CEO (more…)

Dr. Tamara Russell

Clinical Psychologist, (more…)

Prof. N-Kaufmann

Neuroscientist (more…)

Akmyrat Tuyliyev

Visual Artist (more…)

Rubin Huang

Designer & Developer (more…)

Jennifer Monness

Mindfulness Teacher (more…)

Board of Advisors

Lucy Richards

Business Development (more…)

Karla Ballard Williams

Cultural Engineer (more…)

Graham Hill

Serial Entrepreneur (more…)

Craig Allen

Digital Strategist (more…)

Andy Lurling

VR Pioneer (more…)


                          VR+Mindfulness = Powerful tools to deliver focus and resilience.

We can then choose how to respond to a situation, not simply react, and that’s a Super Power.


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