Take-Pause almost halves anxiety in five minutes.


We know this because doctors tested Take-Pause
in the pediatric Emergency Room. They completed
a randomized control trial (RCT) with 110 patients. (An RCT is considered the gold standard of clinical trials.)

The trial was carried out by the research team
at Maimonides Hospital in Brooklyn NY.
They are presenting the results in May 2020,
but we can share the conclusion with you.

“Pediatricians everywhere may use Take-Pause
to significantly reduce pediatric patient’s anxiety
and improve patient compliance and care” Maimonides Hospital, Brooklyn, NY


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what calmer patients can mean for you…

…easier communication,
smoother visits,
improved outcomes
and everyone just a little happier.


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Our system is available for $1,200 or $1,700 with hardware bundle.


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Platform subscription of $100/month, paid annually.


Starter kit of 3 worlds for specific moods and 2 character guides
(see below for visuals).


Hardware bundle includes headset, headphones, tablet,  sterile masks and case.

Specifically for teens…

Designed by teens for teens together with neuroscientists and clinical psychologists




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                          VR+Mindfulness = Powerful tool to deliver focus and resilience.

We can then choose how to respond to a situation, not simply react, and that’s a Super Power.