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published in the journal ‘Academic Emergency Medicine’ 



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3 minutes of Take-Pause resulted in a statistically significant reduction of stress for pediatric patients visiting the emergency room

Designed for teens with teens

Our mission with Take-Pause, to improve lives and reduce stress, began with teens & tweens ,and we are now helping adults as well. 

Take-Pause is science based. We combined decades of mindfulness research with the growing data around the benefits of virtual reality and its immersive qualities to create a peer reviewed evidence based system which has shown significant impact for reducing stress in the moment.  

We  offer a clinically tested, fast impact, easy to use calming tool. 

The user puts on the headset. Chooses a world. Chooses a character, and then breathes to the movement of the character in the world.

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Designed for Teens, & now Adults

Integrated Data Capture To track Usage & Impact

Purely Mindfulness

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