Take-Pause Take-Pause

A drug-free tool to reduce stress in pediatric patients

Calm your patients in 3 minutes


With 3 minutes of use, ‘Take-Pause’ has been shown to be  effective in significantly lowering pediatric stress levels 


And we help adults too

Clinic visits often prove stressful – for adults and for children; amplifying their discomfort and distress, ultimately impacting their pain threshold, ability to communicate, and overall satisfaction with their healthcare experience

Connect to disconnect

Leveraging virtual reality to bring 3 minutes of mindfulness into high intensity settings – and measuring impact

 Can be used in multiple settings. 

Feedback from healthcare professionals regularly offering Take-Pause

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E-mail from nurse

Text from doctor

Take-Pause is rooted in science and patient-centric design

Co-Designed with Kids

Clinically Tested

With Real Time Impact & Usage Data

How can we help your humans?

Contact us to see if Take-Pause fits your stress reduction needs. 


Take-Pause reduces stress and improves lives, starting with teens & tweens, now serving adults as well. 

Designed for teens with teens

Take-Pause is science based, combining mindfulness research with the benefits of virtual reality to create a peer-reviewed evidence-based system with significant stress reduction immediate impact.  

We offer a clinically tested, fast-acting, easy-to-use calming tool. Tangible results in moments 

The user puts on the headset. Chooses a world. Chooses a character, and then breathes to the movement of the character in the world.