Sent: Friday, July 28, 2023 1:07 PM

“Hi everyone,

I wanted to share a positive patient story with Take-Pause. 

I had an 8 year old patient with a paronychia come in to clinic today. He arrived with his older sister and his mother.
During the drainage procedure the sister expressed feeling scared and anxious.
I sat her down in a neighboring room with mom’s permission and encouraged her to try Take-Pause. 

After the patient completed his treatment [with the doctor], he stated he was feeling very anxious and was notably talking about and focused on his injured finger. 

Mom asked if he could also try take pause as the daughter mentioned it had helped her to feel calm within about one minute of using. 

After completion of Take-Pause with our 8 year old patient, the patient’s mother pulled me aside and thanked me. 

She stated he no longer was talking about or focusing on his injured finger. He was laughing and playful in the room. I had 2 additional sick patients ask if they could stay after their visit with doctor so they could also try Take-Pause. Who would’ve thought a young child would want to hang out in the doctors office after a visit!   

Thanks for listening,

Dawn C RN”