Dr. Tamara Russell

Clinical Psychologist,

Neuroscientist, Mindfulness Expert.

Dr. Tamara Russell unites her training as a clinical psychologist and her mindfulness expertise to build out our curriculum and help write the narrative for each specific experience.

Dr. Tamara Russell is a neuroscientist, clinical psychologist, martial arts expert and leading mindfulness trainer. She works as an academic, clinician and consultant – teaching groups and individuals in the public and private sector. Her clients include National Health Service trusts, professional athletes, businesses, lawyers, and journalists.

Dr. Russell is also involved in international research investigating how Mindfulness changes the structure of the brain and exploring how mindful movement taps into these neural circuits in a particularly powerful way. She lectures in Neuroscience and Mindfulness at Kings College London, and speaks regularly on Mindfulness around the globe. Her newest book is entitled, “Mindfulness in Motion.”