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Take-Pause Take-Pause

Our Experiences Are Co-Created With Students

We build wellness tech that is designed for teens by teens

The Worlds Of Take-Pause


Swirling Clouds – A world of big sky and undulating water. A few trees and spiky flowers complete the scene.   Your seat is on a large slab of rock, another  slab gives your back a solid place to rest.  In front you have open space into the horizon.


Night Glow – A world of velvety darkness and glinting stars. A jungle of flowers and palms complete the scene.   Once again your bearings are provided by the rock you sit on and the rock behind you. Around you the nature provides you with close comfort. 


Falling Leaves – A world of floating leaves. To keep you grounded there is a rock to lean on and a rock to sit on. You are free to explore the vastness. 

The Guides of Take-Pause



The user matches their breath to the guide’s movements.